Road Subject To Flood

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Road Subject To Flood

Postby Q » Thu Jan 01, 2009 8:28 pm


I love winter hunting. No bugs. Not really worried letting your fingers do the looking. At times there is no way I would stick my hand down in there.. but when it is 40 something degrees, what few bugs are out move kinda slow.

Another thing, and a big reason I like floating and hiking this time of year... no leaves. In fact the camo taped containers I saw today were kinda obvious, or oblivious to the fact that they just wasn't hidin'.

Drove up to the above mentioned cache. I had been on this road before and the flood zone sign seemed a bit out of place on this steep hill. Anyway, I saw the container form the car, green cammo tape in brown grass and rocks... hmmm. I park, jump out, cross the road, hop over the ditch and land right by this loooong snake skin. I knew right away what it was but reflex I 'spose, stopped me in mid jump. I didn't know one could do that. But when I landed, gravity reminded me that I was not the nimble youngster that I once could have been. A quick turn and BIG step down the hill and over the ditch saved me from landing a' derriere, pardon my french or bad facsimilie thereof.

So I go back and step over the snake skin... left him there for the next lucky hunter, and claimed my prize. Maybe it was the copperhead bite on the foot, kinda like Peter Parker and spidey sense, that gives me such auto-recoil.

I had a great afternoon. Happy New year folks.

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