The $100Mouse Hunt

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Postby grzz51 » Sun Dec 20, 2009 8:24 am

Well, in my defense........Judge, I didn't do it :roll: But I did give Ronbo a call and give him the coords. And he'll testify to it too, as soon as he turns his phone back on and listens to his voice mail. Geezzzzzzz, I didn't even get a finders fee either. :cry:
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Postby arkfiremedic » Sun Dec 20, 2009 10:00 am

Many thanks for a fun morning from arkfiremedic and 2ter goes to BPJ. My mother-in-law stayed overnight and kept 2ter due to the fact I get off at 08:00 a.m. I knew the mouse hunt was at 08:00 and I had planned to leave 20 minutes early to make to 20 minute drive home to check the coordinates at straight up 08:00. My ONLY request to my M-I-L was to have Rachel up and ready so IN CASE the mouse was close we could be out the door quick. Well I get home and I hear, Rachel doesn't want to get up and she still is in the bed. GREAT. I open the computer up, check the coordinates, input them in Google and WHAT? The mouse is in El Dorado??? I holler out to 2ter the mouse is in El Dorado! She screams WHAT??? Jumps outta bed throws some clothes on and we are out the door exactly one minute later. Twenty minutes after that at 08:21 we see that familiar Cowboy hat with a familiar face under it. We walk up and I think we startled him as he didn't expect anyone that quickly. Paperwork is in order and 2ter is $100 richer (actually she told all day she was $101 richer because she got BPJ a cup of coffee for $1. After visiting with BPJ and eating pancakes about an hour and a half later Dentful1 walks up to claim 2nd place. We hated to leave, but "cachemates" was having an event in Prescott and we needed to go back home so I could get out of my work clothes and on the road to Prescott. Thanks BPJ for starting a great day of cachin' out right. At least we can always say we got to at least hunt the mouse once before THE END. Thanks again!
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Postby grzz51 » Sun Dec 20, 2009 10:24 am

If I am reading this right..... and I think I am, Mz Grzz and I have enjoyed reading writing and participating in the Mousehunts. We have met a bunch of great people and followed some good adventures. Hopefully we will meet you down the cache trail.
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Postby Quaz26 » Mon Dec 21, 2009 10:53 am

My son and I had seen the coords post and decided to give this one a shot even though it was 2hrs away so we loaded up and headed out on the hunt. During our drive we had seen many people passing and wondering to ourselves if we were going to make it. We had pulled up and seen dentful1 sitting and talking to Jack so we knew it could be a day of just caching, but to our surprise we ended up with 3rd place! As usual Chase wanted a icecream cone but for some odd reason they did not have them so he opted for breakfast. He went and played in the play area while Jack and I discussed many topics on caching and Casinos....he always has great stories! We talked for a couple of ours till the clock chimed 12 and the hunt was called so we bid our farewells and would see each other again someday. Thanks for all the great talks and meeting fellow cachers! WE HAD A BLAST PBNJ!!!!!! :lol:
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Postby specialteacher » Sun Dec 27, 2009 11:37 pm

Thanks for this Mouse hunt and all the fun that these hunts provide. I left my house at 8:03 to make the trip to ElDorado. Since this hunt was extended for 4 hours I knew that I could make it in the time frame. The question was how many people were trying also. If I could be there in the top 4 then I would be in for the $100 PRIZE. NO LUCK......... Well $20 is better than the $2 that I got the last time I made a run to the south of the state. I have enjoyerd the hunts and hope to get to go it again sometime. I did pass 4 blue light specials but was glad that they were not for me. I stayed a few minutes then headed to Prescott for the event there. I finally arived home that night at 9:30 after driving over 500 miles. Today was a fun time and thanks to BPJ for all the fun. Until next time....................................... :?
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is it true?

Postby Emtplatt13 » Sat Feb 13, 2010 4:21 pm

No more hunting of the mousey?
That makes me sad. I wish I would have learned of it sooner. I had fun the one time that I gots to go thou.
Thanks BPJ for the fun.

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Postby Q » Tue Feb 16, 2010 12:29 pm

I have been watching with a saddened spirit as few if any posts are made here, other than BJack adding new members. Is caching dwindling? or simply interest here? The reality is the few hunts I would have been able to go after have been too far away 2 hours or better.... 'cept for that one? Hate to see it all fizzle. And kudos to Jack for what he has done. I pray it is not serious issues contributing... like health or something.
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Re: The $100Mouse Hunt

Postby BackpacknJack » Thu Feb 18, 2010 8:18 pm

Time changes most every thing, and geocaching is no exception. Geocaching used to be about the adventures of finding new caches or visiting new places and the mouse hunt was designed to add to that and never to detract from it. In essence the hunts were just mad-dash mini events that brought cachers to areas that maybe would not have been visited otherwise. Smackover is one example, the caches found on that day hadn’t been logged in over a year. Many caches have been archived due to lack of interest, cache hiders are like most people in that they would like to see some value in their efforts. Same with mice.

As the State’s number of caches streaked upward (now at 7,588) I started to see less value in all the effort and expense it took to put on the hunts. When I started it most hunters used/needed the printed cache pages I furnished for the surrounding area. Now everyone is wired-up and plugged-in and very very few people used the cache info I provided, lots started to just head back home without caching at all so the hunt just became a mad dash for the cash, well actually a mad dash for that $100 bill, and had little to do with geocaching any more. Maybe I will be able to get GC to allow the hunts to be loggable and we can have one every now and then but not every month. The mouse is now free to move about the country - and even on the weekends that are no longer reserved for hunts just encase it is nice weather. I’m soon headed to Laughlin, NV to celebrate my new weekends of freedom and my newfound wealth. I do hope you have enjoyed the monthly $100Mouse Hunts and I look forward to seeing you again on our next - mad dash for Mouse Cash……….as an Event!
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Re: The $100Mouse Hunt

Postby AstroDav » Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:38 am

So the Mouse Hunt is officially over, in as far as being a regularly scheduled & reliable activity? In the last 6 months, there have been around a dozen new cachers start up in just my 2 1/2 county area. Two of them, life-long friends, were extremely excited about trying this out. I told them back about Deer Season that I'd start helping them out in caching & maybe playing an occasional Mouse-Game with them. But with winter & all, we hit a lull in caching, which seems to be typical.

But now the weather has improved & the longer days are drawing us cachers out again. One of them calls me up & says that he just looked over here & they've quit doing the game. So I look & sure nuff, looks like he was right. (I think) Shame that one of the biggest draws for this site was ended right before the warm weather "caching season" started up, especially with so many new cachers popping up all over the state.

Sure did hurt his feelings (the other one too), as they were REALLY excited about doing it this year. Myself, the loss of it wasn't as bad, since I have found other avenues of caching that I enjoy, which fulfill that "little something extra", such as events, developing new caching areas with local cacher-friends, stuff like that. But they aren't really into the "crowd" thing & the Mouse Hunt was to be their monthly "caching vacation".

Hope that TAAG does something to try to replace what was lost. That Mouse-Hunt was a VERY good way to excite people about the sport & draw them to the site. Being as a large percentage of members of a club like this are more excited about actual activities, such as the Mouse-Hunt, and aren't really that active in just talking in a forum, the loss of those type activities sure won't do much to make them stay around.
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Re: The $100Mouse Hunt

Postby ar_kayaker » Thu Apr 01, 2010 6:29 pm

Sad to see the mouse go Jack, even though I haven't hunted in a while. It was always fun when I could get the weekend free when the mouse was running. This winter has been so busy with other things I didn't even get out to cache for three whole month.

Hopefully you can turn it into a bi-annual or quarterly mini-event instead. A CITO event would be nice in several pretty cool places.

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Re: The $100Mouse Hunt

Postby ronbo » Thu Apr 01, 2010 9:11 pm

I chatted with BPJ the other day on facebook and just learned of the demize of the mouse. I too hope BPJ will host the event every once in awhile. For some reason, I wasn't getting the notifications and I let a couple of hunts get by me that I might could have gotten. Anyway, I have a plan. Just waiting now for BPJ to come back from the far country .
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Re: The $100Mouse Hunt

Postby Guwisti » Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:48 pm

I'm new to geocaching with only 54 hides so far. Was reading about this and was sad to see that it's over. Always love a good incentive for getting out find caches. Usually go after somewhat nearby FTF's when I can. I see that this group has different folks than other groups and was just checking things out. :)

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