Tulsa Road Trip "Tulsarama2007" Buried Car

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Tulsa Road Trip "Tulsarama2007" Buried Car

Postby BackpacknJack » Mon Jun 18, 2007 9:49 am

I just got back from the “Tulsarama2007” http://www.buriedcar.com (non geocaching event) in Tulsa, OK and I feel sorry for those hiding caches in a city with sooo many toll roads and I feel sorry for those trying to hunt them. The first toll booth was taking my money but the light would not turn green so I finally just ran it. Maybe it was just the heavy rain storms in the area messing with the coin reader but I hope Johnny Law don’t come after me. If they do will someone feed my critters and mow my place until I get back????? My first experience with toll roads (I have led a very sheltered life huh?) I refused to get on any more toll roads and from then on I worked my way around them. I read where Tulsa is #2 in the nation for number of toll roads. Ouch !
I found only one cache and it was covered in those big black ants, (I have pictures of how some at my place stripped a dead Copperhead down to a skeleton overnight). The next cache you had to actually park on the road then wade about 40 yards through chest high Johnson Grass just to get to the poison ivy covered woods so I passed on that one. The third cache attempt was a micro that was hidden on some farm equipment in another field of chest high Johnson Grass so I passed on that one too. The final attempt was at a rural feed store where no one there knew what geocaching was or what I was up to walking around in front of their store but buying nothing plus the coords placed me in the middle of a gravel parking area. I just gave up caching for this trip and went back to enjoying the downtown car shows. I now wonder how folks find 40 caches in one day while using stealth the way you are supposed to. *Am I just to timid?*
PS. Although I use spray on the Poison Ivy and AMDRO for the Fire Ants in the area of my caches I think I learned a lesson about summer growth making the cost of hunting your caches way toooo high and I will move the one cache I have that is back in the woods, and place it closer to the trail.
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Tulsa Car Show

Postby dlyle » Mon Jun 18, 2007 4:16 pm

I used to think that Oklahoma had a pretty nifty way of keeping good roads in place with the toll idea, but of course that was only because I didn't live there and have to put up with it 24/7. I think the only way to get around well is with the toll passes that set up in your window that they read automatically. Still costs to have one, and if you aren't using one its a pain stopping and paying the toll everytime. I never have the correct change!

I've also found that its a lot more fun looking for caches in the woods during the winter! We happened to be in Sherwood Sunday and thought we'd take a look for a new one in a park nearby. Right after a big rain the gpsr put me in the middle of a poision ivy and blackberry bush patch. The humidity had this fat boy sweating big time so we decided that this would be a good one to look for in January! I'll be narrowing my summer searches to more urban caches in the near future!
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Postby ar_kayaker » Wed Jun 20, 2007 2:54 pm

I find myself sticking to more urban caches this time of year too. I still hunt the ones in the woods, but I am more careful to read the cache description and previous logs before I go to make sure it is realativly near the trail.


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