Sugarloaf Chimney - Heber Springs.

Stub a toe or find a fake mole down a 6ft hole? Tell us about it.
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Sugarloaf Chimney - Heber Springs.

Postby ar_kayaker » Thu Apr 01, 2010 6:47 pm

Well I wanted something interesting and adventurous for find 1500 and Sugarloaf Chimney delivered both.

I don't have near the problem with heights that my wife does, I only get nervous when I know I'm in a position to fall if something goes wrong and there are things that have a fair possability of going wrong. Even so, getting to this cache made my stomach twitch a few times working my way up the skree and along some of the narrow ledges trying to find the right chimney. Once inside I was more worried if my extra few pounds was going to get me stuck and I only wear 34" jeans.

While trying to locate the right chimney I used my GPSr more for the detailed topo maps (not the commercial 1:100 junk garmin sells) than for positioning because once up against the rockface it was giving me 50'-70' estimated error anyway. Still, it gave me a rough idea of my relationship to the cache untill I started in and up, but my selection of chimney was more educated guess than anything. I even started up a couple of the others before dismissing them as unlikely to lead anyplace to hide a cache.

After a bit of hemming and hawing about the safety factors of climbing even a few feet of near vertical rockface, above a steep skree slope, above a secondary dropoff I finally inched my way up until I could sqeeze into my chosen crevice. Once inside I took a deep breath of relief, or as deep as I could scrunched into the slit.

Ten minutes later I finally popped up into a chamber with a very few likely hiding spots thinking "Nah, that was too easy" but looked around anyway to give my nerves time to fully settled down. While on solid ground I eyeball possible routes further up and finally settled on one that looked likely to have hidey holes. Some places weren't too bad, others I could see the potential a long bumpy fall that would end with broken body parts and me wedged into a crack at the bottom.

Finally I got to a spot where my internal cost-benefit meter was telling me it wasn't safe to keep going and wouldn't you know that is where the cache was!

Great fun for anyone who doesn't have a fear of heights, enclosed spaces, spiders...


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