Nebraska’s Oldest Geocache, “GO BIG RED” [GC943]

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Nebraska’s Oldest Geocache, “GO BIG RED” [GC943]

Postby BackpacknJack » Tue Dec 08, 2009 2:48 pm

Nebraska’s Oldest Geocache, “GO BIG RED” [GC943]

Ahh by the skin of his teeth he slips up to Nebraska and out again before the huge winter storm locks down the roads and makes a “Corn-Husker” out of him. :shock:

Every since my 100th find I have tried to find a different States’ oldest geocache for my x,x00 and x,000 finds as my goal to honor those pioneers of the sport, those who have been working the longest at keeping up a cache, or maybe those who had a better ideal of how to hide one that will last (well, and also to add a lot more difficulty and adventure to MY Geocaching game) and here I was at #1,398 so it is time to choose my destination. Winter is closing in and not wanting to use up all the Southern States’ oldest caches, leaving me not many places to go until next summer, I started closely watching the weather in 4 different Northern States. But as luck (and some not so great choices maybe?) would have it my monitor went out so without thinking about my 1,400th find at the moment, just the thought of spending more time using a laptop, I hit the button on eBay and bought another one. Duh!!!!!!

The weather was about to change in a hurry and my window of opportunity was closing fast but my monitor wouldn’t be here until Friday and it needed to be signed for . After taking the time to use the much used, worn-out toe of my inspirational boot (the same one I use when I’ve spent an hour looking for a cache that was right in front of me the whole time) to remind me to not be sooo focused on just one thing, I figured out I could maybe get Nebraska done if the Fed-Ex truck got here before 3:30 and I got up as far as Joplin, MO, or maybe Kansas City that night and I got an early start Saturday because the snow was getting there Sunday and I needed to be at least South of Kansas City before the end of the day. The Fed-Ex truck got here at 2:50 and since I had already loaded up the car I turned those hybrid Prius horses loose and we headed West into the sunset.

Remembering the long drive to New Mexico to find their oldest cache just to have a record (roof collapsing) snow block me from that goal and having to drive all the way home passing up hundreds of caching adventures because I was so close to my x00th find, I pushed pass KC and drove on up to St Joseph just to be safe. Not a small task folks, Kansas City is a city with no end and it seemed I spent ¾ of my time getting through and/or going around KC.

At 4:30am Saturday, with only one cup of coffee under my belt, I released those hybrid horses and we left the heat of St Joseph, MO [24°] and headed toward Lincoln, NE [13°and windy]. Stopped in Nebraska City, just south of the area where “GO BIG RED” is hiding, and had a quick breakfast because it was still dark and I needed to find one more cache before searching for GC943 and then I set the [GO TO] [FOLLOW ROADS] on my Garmin map60csx and followed the path. Little did I know that this 30-40 miles through the corn fields/back roads wasn’t the Garmin mapping program’s “cup of tea” but after it tried to get me to drive through the middle of the 10th corn field and across the 3rd or 4th creek and was getting more confused as to how to get there, this short 30-40mi jaunt had already turned into a 70-80 mile disaster of gravel roads to no where and roads that weren‘t on any maps I had, I turned the route function off and just used that Good-ole-CountryBoy-DirtRoad-Mapping to get back on track. Once I was near the area I set the [GO TO] arrow and drove down a nice paved country Hwy to GZ.

This one is listed as a 1x1 but unless you are a kamikaze wheelchair enthusiast I wouldn’t try it sitting down. You can toss a rock and hit it from the road but you will also need to do some walking, a few 100yrds, after you find a place to pull off the road. I don’t think pickups have a speed limits here so if you set out to find [GC943] do not stop at the find and if you are in the area of 2 pickups meeting each other on this smooth but narrow paved country road you will need to walk in the gravel along the ditch. Very easy find and very easy to get to if maybe you just don’t let your GPS choose the path for you.

After the find I drove to Lincoln to get my 10,000mile oil change and tire rotation then set those gas sipping hybrid ponies free once again and headed south to Carthage, MO……… fast!!!!!

Nebraska‘s Oldest Geocache, “GO BIG RED” [GC943] was my milestone find #1,400, and my tradition has continued for at least - one - more - time. Total trip = 1,378 miles.
I hope all your outdoor adventures have been and will be, both safe and successful.

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