Another Mouse Hunt adventure.

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Another Mouse Hunt adventure.

Postby BackpacknJack » Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:14 am

The mouse tags for the 28th mouse hunt were pulled in this order: N - S - N - E - E and because of the newly forecasted rain I stopped drawing tags, one more may have placed me out in the rain with no place to hide so looking at the map and thinking where would be a good place to hide from the rain I checked out Village Creek State Park, Parkin State Park, and there was Wynne and Cherry Valley. Google earth didn’t show much for Cherry Valley and Parkin State Park was just one building plus they listed a fee. I didn’t know if you had to pay to enter the building or not and didn’t know if there was a place to sit for 3 hours in the visitor center so I chose Village Creek and downloaded 300 caches using the zip code for Wynne.
Village Creek State Park doesn’t open until 8:am (with the 5min delay in posting that would have worked out) and never being there and without knowing the layout I thought about using the coords for the front gate and the hunters would see the car and it would work out anyway. Same plan I used at Gulpfa Gorge hunt #3, sit at the front gate until allowed to enter. But when I got there I found absolutely no signal at all in the area so on to plan B. The McD’s in Wynne had a strong signal on both Sprint Mobile broadband and AT&T cell phone so I parked there and checked out the internet. I have no clue as to why neither of the services would connect to the internet but figured it was time for plan C (just run around until I could connect from somewhere, post the coords to McD’s and haul tail back to there before anyone showed up. This has worked before so I cranked up the cache mobile and headed to Forrest City and I-40. I figured on this major interstate I would find EVDO and maybe even with REV”A” for the Sprint Broadband modem and maybe 3G for the cellphone or at least EDGE and I was right, they were there alright, both a strong EDGE and strong EVDO but neither one would connect so I used plan Z.

Plan Z is that last ditch effort of calling anyone who was dumb enough to give their phone number to the mouse and who may be home with internet connection. My old roadtrip buddy Kennywayne would fit the bill perfectly if he hadn’t left the house yet (I bet he is soooo proud) so in a last ditch effort (suppose he’s even prouder of being the “If all else fails” choice or what?) I dialed him up and walked him through posting the coords for the hide. I figured it was going to be one of those adventure days because on the way up here miles of I-40 was littered with busted up blue pallets and a trooper was stopping every few feet and kicking the larger chunks off the road or piling up whole pallets on the grassy area and we were weaving our way through the rubble. I was the 3rd vehicle back from the trooper, wishing I was the first one in front of the truck that was dropping palettes but VERY GLAD I wasn’t the first one behind him, (been there - done that - was almost killed by an oak palette ) through the mess that was left on the hwy. I tried to get out and help but he was trying to just clear a path so he could maybe catch up with the driver who was losing them and about all I did was kick a few peaces off the road and hop back in for the next jump.

It was an adventure alright but it worked out OK and instead of the 8 o’clock hour catching me sitting on a pile of wet blue pallets in the rain, glad I left home very early, thanks to a trooper who wasn’t afraid of working in the rain instead of just closing the interstate and calling for a cleanup crew, I was able to sit and drink coffee all warm and dry in Wynne, Arkansas until the caching bug hit me and I went out to get soaked collecting a few travel bugs and a few smilies and a few more numbers for the State Park Challenge.

I figure one of these days the mouse hunt report is going to look like this -> “Stopped - sat 3hrs - went home. :)” <- but not this time.
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