The 24th Edition Mouse Hunt Adventure Story

Stub a toe or find a fake mole down a 6ft hole? Tell us about it.
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The 24th Edition Mouse Hunt Adventure Story

Postby BackpacknJack » Thu Oct 16, 2008 5:17 pm

The 24th Edition Mouse Hunt Adventure Story

Cost of the 24th edition of the mouse hunt = $0 (no one found the mouse)

Cost of the trip to the only cache in Warren so I could drop the mouse travel bug = maybe $.04
I swore I was never - ever - going to do another Train Caboose cache and those Old Steam Engine caches even less often then that but it was the only cache in the whole town of Warren and no children were in the area so I did it anyway. Then children started showing up and a boy about 11-13yrs headed to the train so I abandoned my search and headed to my car.

Cost of looking anyway until the kids showed up = My keys
When I got back to my car I noticed the keys had fallen out of my pocket at the train so I headed back. The boy jumped off the train and headed across the bridge toward the parking area and I noticed that look of guilt on his face that every parent recognizes and every kids thinks is their best poker face so I asked him if he had seen my keys. He would not answer and looked away at first so I asked him again, “Are you sure you didn’t see my keys at the train, you were all over the train and you were the only one over there? He said NO in a loud hateful voice and his mother/maybe grandmother whisked him off to their car. I believe she also saw the look of mean defiant teenage gang like attitude on his face and instead of asking him what was in his pockets and to show the man you don't have his keys or come on kids lets help him look for his keys (like I would) she wanted to encourage his surly attitude so off they went in a hurry with my keys.

Cost of calling the local police = $0

Cost of calling the local tow truck numbers given to me by the local police but that obviously don’t answer their phones on Saturdays = free because of my 5,000 weekend minutes
He had my keys, my window was down and my car was unlocked (no one else was there when I stopped) and all my electronics were in it. The police plus a nice lady and her grandchildren could not find the car of the thieves who had my keys plus both of my alarm remotes were on the ring so my car could not stay there without me.

Cost of calling in an ever expanding circle, all the tow services my GPS and my laptop would display, until a tow service answered so I could get my car towed to Little Rock where I could get a smart key made = a nice chunk of my 5,000 night & weekend minutes
The only service that answered and would come to Warren would not tow my car to L.R. and would only tow to Monticello but said there was a Chrysler dealer there who could make me a smart key so I said come and get it.

Cost of tow to a Chrysler dealer in Monticello to get a smart key made = $65 (good price)
Then, after unhooking the car at the dealership, Ryburn Motors, who said they would make me a smart key was told the only person who could program a smart key in Monticello would not be back until after 7:30 Monday morning but they had already cut me a temp code key using the vin # called in by the tow truck driver so I could now roll the window up and lock the car.

Cost of cutting a temp code key to raise the window and lock the car with = $ ?? (to be determined later but the car was to stay there until Monday morning when the service department would make up an invoice.) Scary blank check stuff and I think I could hear bango music.

Cost of the tow truck driver dropping me off at a local motel to wait for Monday = $0 (that was nice and he also offered to pick me up there Monday AM.

Cost of room until Monday AM = $135.86 (plus $5 tip for the cleaning lady)

Cost of socks and underwear and pants and shirts and tooth brush and tooth paste and razor and shower shoes (you don’t walk around dare footed in motel rooms either, right?) to last until Monday AM = $83.97

Cost of eating out for 3 days instead of the one meal I had planed on eating in Camden while caching after the hunt = $ ?? (lost count)

Cost of having someone make 4 trips to my house to feed my critters until I could get back = $40

Cost of having a smart key made @ Ryburn Motors in Monticello = $151.66 (smell a rat here?)

Cost of replacing the factory remote @ Crain in L.R after I got home= $69.12 (they would have done the smart key for $45)

Cost of replacing the remote for the Viper Alarm system and getting it programmed = $ ?? (don’t know yet and scared to find out)

Benefit of being stuck in Monticello for 3 days with no car = according to my GPS I walked 13.6 miles and got some great hot wings at a place called “Waff- L -House“ in Monticello and the gorgeous young college girl desk clerks at the Days Inn were as sweet and nice as any place I‘ve ever stayed. Impossible to connect to the in-room WiFi so I had to go down to the lobby each time I wanted to connect so that prob added a few miles more to my walks in those 3 days. :) (I know, your thinking it was the pretty desk clerks but it actually was the internet I kept walking to the lobby for and yep your right, I aint right ;)

Benefit of getting my car back and being able to continue my journey to Camden to search the caches along Cache Road series = Almost priceless

THE END (Up to this point anyway, then I find a Viper remote and get it programmed and then pay my credit card bill? )

Life IS good and those unexpected adventures are just added bonuses but I hope your outdoor adventures for the weekend were less exciting and less expensive. Ouch!
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Postby howmuchmoore » Thu Oct 16, 2008 8:22 pm

Man Jack,

That has to sit right up there at the top of the list of bad caching weekends.
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Postby BackpacknJack » Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:45 pm

Especially when you add up the numbers and see I had spent an extra $476.49 on this trip before I had even found the first cache and that is not even figuring in the cost of food and gas nor the cost of the remote ($69.12) or the cost of the other remote whatever that will be. Oh well, just live on beans for the next 2 years and make it up. :cry:
I guess that's not all that bad when you consider what the alternative of turning that surly worthless boy upside down and shaking him like a dog with a new toy until my keys fell out would have cost me. :roll:
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Postby B62GTAWK » Fri Oct 17, 2008 4:22 pm

I would have tried the alternative.

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