Earthcaches on vacation

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Earthcaches on vacation

Postby ar_kayaker » Tue Sep 02, 2008 5:44 pm

For the most part my vacations don't involve caching. They are usually all about whitewater, family, museums, or some combination of the three with a few not-so-random caches thrown in just because they are nearby.

I just got back from a whitewater trip out east though and I must say that Earthcaches make for some interesting breaks from driving, better than any PNG. They make you actually stop and get out for more than the 30 seconds it takes to lift a skirt and they entertain the mind too.

I spent nearly an hour (plus some extra driving) to visit the Russell Cave Earthcaches, 30 minutes of hiking at the Whitewater River History Earthcache, and knocked off a couple of other simple ones as well.

Of course I also have to rave a bit about the Cumberland River caches I found while passing through Nashville, especially the "Legal only by boat" letterbox. Another good driving break and an interesting adventure in cache seeking if you have the means to cross the river. The current on the Cumberland is so slow it's more lake like than river like, so you could get away with one of those swimming pool air mattresses, but it'd be rough. I'd write more about it, but it'd spoil the fun for the next people.


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