Sugarloaf Island

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Sugarloaf Island

Postby ar_kayaker » Sun Jun 15, 2008 8:49 pm

I wanted to do something special for #900 and my plan to hit the Gorilla Stash fell through so when I hit 892 I decided I would take a stab at the caches on Sugarloaf Island.

I spent the morning picking up a few easy ones on the way to Greer;s Ferry Lake and arrive at the Sugarloaf recreational area with 899 under my belt so that if I couldn't find one of the Island caches I'd hopefully get at least one of them and reach 900.

There is a $3.00 fee to use the launch ramp and a $1.00 fee to use the swimming area so I put my kayak in at the picnic area, which with the current lake levels was still half underwater.

I parked near one table that was sticking up out of the water (the seats were submerged) and headed out to the island dodging the power boaters as they sucked down gas for a few seconds of draging some wannabe skier through the water.

Thirty minutes later I paddled through the pines along the shore to a shallow landing spot and started up the mountain, hitting the official trail after a few hunderd yards and then circling around to the stairs that lead to the summit.

Not far from the top of the stairs my GPSr put me right on top of Sugar Loaf Island Cache where I sat for a while to enjoy the view (and catch my breath from the climb!) After gulping down some water I strolled across the shady summit to the other end of island and stopped by the Castaway Cache along the way making 900 and 901 some pretty spectacular finds, or at least finds with spectacular views.

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Postby JuggoPop » Wed Jul 02, 2008 11:51 pm

Very cool.
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Postby Q » Mon Sep 08, 2008 6:54 pm

FINALLY hit this climb after years of swimming at Sugar Loaf park. Have circled it in power boats but we decided to make it a family outing, camp and paddle out in the buffy barge, aka buffalo canoe, early the next morning. Great trip out about 7:30 am. Made the climb at 4 year old speed. He made every step (then fell asleep on the paddle back.) We found one of the caches and soaked up the awesome view for quite a while. As we crossed the top and headed for #2 my batterries started going. I had brought extras but not put them in my pack... I know, unforgivable. All OK cuz we all want to go again after the leaves fall. We may cheat and take a power boat tho. Several chiggers hitched a ride with us so maybe was a good thing we didn't go bushwhacking. Views across the lake were fantastic. You have prolly seen either the hill or the view from the top in photos.

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