New Mexico “West Bound” adventure Stage 2

Stub a toe or find a fake mole down a 6ft hole? Tell us about it.
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New Mexico “West Bound” adventure Stage 2

Postby BackpacknJack » Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:36 pm

It was a 490 mile trip today and we arrived in Albuquerque a bit late but safe and sound plus we got to do some caching and sightseeing, visit parks, lakes, streams and museums, see buffalo, deer and antelope. I enjoyed driving about 8-10 short stretches of route 66 today and I’m sure glad I didn’t have to share it with 18wheelers. The Cadillac Ranch was way too cool. Still some snow around here and more is expected in a few days. Yall be good now!
BackpackpacknJack & CowboyFloyd
PS. You soon learn to touch nothing and let nothing touch you in the great outdoors of New Mexico. Ouch! :shock:

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