8 in '08

Stub a toe or find a fake mole down a 6ft hole? Tell us about it.
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8 in '08

Postby Q » Wed Jan 02, 2008 7:42 am

Actually it wuz only seven... but that made a mo catchy headline. With grumbles from the 9 year old I drug everyone out in the cold wind yesterday. No whutdoyawannado's Just a Let's go. Got a kick out of signing several logs 1-1-08. The kids WAY more favor large tradable hunts. Often I get a "is this a real one?" Micros seem to be the common. But the first yesterday Q found and it was a ammo can. So it started well. He prolly found half of them and by lunch time decided this was a good way to start the year.

Ghost of the Springfield bridge was one of the highlights. Cool spot.

While realizing I would have even less finds if not for micros, it would be cool to find more big ones. Even medicine bottle size that can have a sa'prise or two is cool... but oh well. I enjoy the hunt.

God's blessings in 2008 to all of ya and happy hunting.

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