Caves in LA, fake rocks... o my!

Stub a toe or find a fake mole down a 6ft hole? Tell us about it.
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Caves in LA, fake rocks... o my!

Postby Q » Tue Dec 25, 2007 7:48 am

Always put a few hunts in the thing to make the 8 hour drive home. Good break from the road to stop and hunt a few. I 'spose the more one does this the less sa'prises come up. My wife actually found a couple this time. Before I commented that "that doesn't look right."

Kinda running blind as I have been downloading to my garmin and had no hints clues or logs. After a look for a couple and then checking my inlaws computer, it was a good thing. Moved, or some other bit of info that led me away from my original 'spicions. How often do you just drive up and know.... it's gotta be there.

Anywho. Looking for one I noticed 3 rocks on top of the leaves/pine needles.... common in the north LA area to have waaaay more pines than anythin' else. Had to take my first fake rock back to the car and show the nintendo'ers. New present trumped hunting this time. Had a few trinkets which jump started the 3 year old... he hates micros.

Lake Charles, where the inlaws live , is full of micros. THey like the short pieces of plastic pipe with a cap slid on each end down there. Found a buncha those. They leak. And man is there a lot of trash that floats around down there. At one site I had no idea where to start. Saw several containers that could have been "the deal" among LOTS of others that were not. Spoiled to the rural AR types we are used to.

Going to open presents now. Merry Christmas all!

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