The Cedar Creek triple crown.

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The Cedar Creek triple crown.

Postby ar_kayaker » Tue Feb 20, 2007 12:38 am

Finding ORR's "Cedar Creek" was one of the goals I had set for President's Day with the other being to pick up a few of the BSA caches that require a shuttle driver, a long one-way loop hike, or an even longer hike in and out to find.

I had previously found GC8CD - "Off the Beaten Path" and the partial coordinates for this cache many months ago, but had long since forgotten the information and thought I could make a quick repeat visit after first finding the other half in GCHQAZ "Cedar Falls"

If only it had worked out that way!

I spent a fruitless hour and change looking for "Cedar Falls" scratching my head and rechecking the fix on the GPSr over and over. When the most I could turn up was a half dozen empty beverage containers I gave up so I could at least find a few caches for the day. I headed on to "Off the Beaten Path" anyway so I coule re-collect the data inside and drop off a TB that had a goal of being near fishing streams with the plan to exit the valley via the BSA trail and find BSA #7 and BSA #8 on the way out.

Once I dropped off the bug I realized that BSA #6 was just barely up the hill from me and decided to detour up the western ridge just long enough to scratch it off my unfound list.

It was such an easy find I though that hey .5 miles isn't that far and the trail looks smooth...I'll go get BSA #5 too! Half a mile isn't far unless you are also looking at a couple of hundred feet of elevation chage to go with it. None-the-less I found BSA #5 and finally doubled back, not wanting to go the rest of the way up only to be stuck on the ridge opposite my car.

Back to the bottom of the valley, through the Blue Hole area and up the other ridge and I finally got to BSA #7 ... 150 feet from the road. grr.

Across the road and down the path to BSA #8 and then the long mile back to the lodge. Lots of great finds and back to the lodge in time for a late lunch. But wait...there's plenty of daylight left, I'm healthy and the laptop is in the car...Hmm.

A quick check for the hint and then back to the bottom I go finally finding "Cedar Falls" with the GPSr reading 7 feet. Um, why didn't I find it the last time? I know I checked there...didn't I?

Anyway with both the clues in hand I fill in the blanks, thinking for sure the final cache is on the path back up to the lodge only to discover that it is ...oh, crud. I've got to go all the way out there again?

It's a long way after the day I've already put in, but at this point I was commited, or maybe should have been. I sped down the path over hills and trails and finally found this elusive cache to take the triple crown.

Great adventure. Thanks to ORR for all the hides.


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