12th mouse hunt adventure story

Stub a toe or find a fake mole down a 6ft hole? Tell us about it.
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12th mouse hunt adventure story

Postby BackpacknJack » Mon Aug 27, 2007 11:34 am

Did I mention in the 12th Mouse Hunt report that I had also somehow messed with the cars add-on security alarm system’s secret secondary settings and how some of the inside lights were coming on in 1 min 10sec. cycles?
Did I fail to also mention in the report that the rainstorm was so strong that the windows were leaking while I was attempting to post the hunt?
Did I mention that as far as Jasper cache finds go we, CowboyFloyd and I, were well scratched, chiggered, and ticked but were only 2 for 4?
Did I mention that the cost of our 2 finds was floorboards caked in red clay and itching in places you aren’t supposed to scratch in public?
Did I mention that this had not been the most flawless of mouse hunts?
Well I sort of have an odd way of looking at things when everything seems to be going wrong. I’m no writer and certainly have no skills in the art of verbiage, so I don’t know if it would be considered a defeatist or a pessimistic or an optimistic attitude that causes me to react like this, but I figure if you are going off a cliff anyway you may as well start flapping your arms and attempt the impossible even if you know it won’t work just because you have nothing to lose.
After visiting the Elk center I figured we didn’t have much to lose by attempting the impossible so I decided when we got down from these mountains we would stop and search for two of the baddest of the bad “Griswald” caches, “Cousin Eddie” and “Cachemates Creation”.
You can’t hurt a bad day much so why not go ahead and try the impossible and besides why would you want to try the impossible when things are going so well and mess up a good day?
I guess those Wile E Coyote cartoon moments aren’t so bogus after all and if you believe you can fly, at least for a few moments you can fly, because counting from the time I got out of the car, “Cousin Eddie” was in hand in about 3 min and “Cachemates Creation” in less then 2min plus along the way we had found some large caches that were almost empty and we had just enough trade stuff to fill them all to the brim, no more no less. (I think it is a sad thing when a kid opens a cache and there isn’t much to rummage through).
Even with all the planets obviously out of alignment for this hunt we flapped anyway and we added even more icing to this cake with a fill up of $2.44 gas. I think life can be soooo good when you just give in to the hopelessness of those hopeless situations sometimes and flap anyway. It isn't going to hurt anything and I wouldn’t call it positive thinking, you just have nothing to lose so go for it.
And that is my best plan? If things are really going wrong you just ask for even more and reach even higher? Yep, and maybe, just maybe, before you come down to earth - you will fly.
I remember another heavy rain storm running me off the interstate during an attempted mouse hunt and no one showed up so I took that money to Tunica and won *exactly* 10 times that amount then used that money to buy a car load of nice things for the homeless people up here from New Orleans. I soon came down to earth as you always do but for a moment - just like Wile E Coyote - - I flew.
Well at least I thought I was flying, it felt like I was flying, so I’m sticking to that.
Geocaching and Mouse Hunting seems to be a never ending adventure of hits and misses and I’m glad I started doing it.
Out of the cold rain comes the mud. Out of the mud comes the bricks. Out of the bricks comes a home. Out of the home comes warmth, comfort and shelter from the cold rain. [quote: BPNJ]

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