North Carolina's oldest Geocache “Octopus Garden” [GC70]

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North Carolina's oldest Geocache “Octopus Garden” [GC70]

Postby BackpacknJack » Sat Jul 03, 2010 8:35 pm

Octopus Garden” [GC70], placed 09/30/2000, 296 finds, 25 DNF’s, 90 notes, 1 maintenance request (log was full), 1 owner maintenance (new log)

I left early Saturday morning from the central Arkansas area and headed East toward the South Eastern area of Charlotte, North Carolina with my logged finds standing at #1,494. I found the necessary 5 more caches along the way to get ready for the goal of my trip and even got to the trail head about dusky dark and checked out the area for Sunday’s trek through the woods. I figured things may have changed since the cache was placed so long ago and it may not be as easy or short a walk as it seems from the cache page so I just looked for a place to eat and stay and left the grand adventure for the morning. Good thing I did. The area looks nothing like the picture posted and it has been a very long time since it was mowed. The area pictured that you are to use when crossing can no longer be found unless you are actually standing on the pipe or are within a very few feet of it. A more snaky area with taller weeds and more stinging nettles plus poison ivy would be hard to find and the inches wide geotrail ended many times because the previous cachers decided there had to be a better way to proceed. I understood why so many decided to just wade the creek and by the time I was half way there I was wishing I had also but with my old trusty snake stick I made it and I made it back out without any trouble but again I was re-reminded about hunting the oldest still active caches, there is a reason they have not been muggled in all these years so I had not checked out of my room just encase I needed a shower again to get through the rest of the day. And I DID need another shower after that. As logged more then once, it’s a longer then expected trek through the hot humid windless weeds/woods along the creeks and after that nice long cold shower I was glad I had logged GC70 and very thankful for the opportunity to be able to seek out such adventures in our great untamed outdoors even if they are near a city.
There were more caches along this trail but from looking at my GPS they all seemed to be on the other side of the creek and I had spent enough time on that overgrown side, you know how thick it can get along a creek, so I reloaded my GPS and PDA for my next, less sweaty adventure, looking for some wind to go along with all that humid heat.
The Atlantic beach @ Myrtle Beach, South Carolina here I come. :D
(Below is a copy of my log for “Octopus Garden” [GC70] North Carolina‘s oldest still active Geocache.)
“Octopus Garden” [GC70] Charlotte, North Carolina
On the day of my 100th find I made a goal for myself. I was going to use each of my 100th milestone finds to honor the pioneers of the sport by logging a different States oldest for each of my 00 and 000 finds. They are the ones who have been keeping these caches going the longest and so by default we know they chose a better method or location because it has survived all this time. So far I have been able to keep that goal and for my #1,500th find I have now logged North Carolina’s oldest, “Octopus Garden” [GC70]. Seeing and logging this historic geocache that is even old enough to be listed among the Worlds Oldest Geocaches was indeed a treat and made that 14hr drive well worth the effort. Thanks for taking the time to place this cache and maintaining it all these years. May it live forever.
Here is a recently updated list of each States oldest still active Geocaches: ... 0f4ddb6a84
Here is a recently updated list of the Worlds oldest still active Geocaches: (GC70 is listed as #40 but may be moving up if #11 doesn’t get fixed.) ... 9d20039244
Sunday afternoon I cached my way down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina but after dropping down to SC from Asheville, TN and seeing all the thousands of stopped vehicles on the other side of the highway because of road repairs, stalled/over heated cars idling for hours plus wrecks that no one could get to I decided to plan a different more North Eastern path back home that would miss this area entirely. Myrtle Beach is a tourist town, no two ways about it but after seeing thousands of navels along the beach and all through town I was ready to see some mountains in States I had never visited before. (You know you are old when you would rather see mountains then………… J ) (or maybe that should be a L )
Anyway I’m glad I did head up into Virginia and then into West Virginia, finding North Carolina’s oldest
Geocache was great but this was by far the best part of the trip. Cached only near the highway but hiked a total of 8+ miles along 2 trails in the National Forest of the Blue Ridge Mountains and had a great time. The next day I made another detour at the nearest exit on Hwy-77 because of another wreck and ended up going almost as far north as I had been earlier but the mountain roads finally wound south and I stayed in a Comfort Inn 12 miles west of Hwy-77 (a great place and value I was not prepared for but happy to find. ) in Bluefield, Virginia (the city is actually in both States like Texarkana is here in Ark/Tex) I was going to explore more but when the weather forecast called for rain and storms I decided to cache my way to Nashville, TN and spend the night there. That is a city you can enjoy even in the rain but while on the outskirts of Nashville the radio was listing all the traffic delays because of more wrecks plus all the traffic was backed up in and around town because the huge relief concert that was held the day before because of the flooding they had just had so I passed on seeing Nashville again and just stopped long enough to grab some fast food and turned toward home.

#1,500th find Cliff notes: Day 1= Little Rock to Charlotte and the park trail where GC70 resides.
Day 2= Found GC70 and cached my way to the Atlantic Ocean at Myrtle Beach, SC.
Day 3= Cached and explored around Myrtle Beach then drove to Princeton, West Virginia.
Day 4= West Virginia to Bluefield, V./WV.
Day 5= Bluefield, WV to Nashville, Tennessee and then to Little Rock.
Totals: 2,108 miles driven, 41 Geocaches found in 5 days while traveling through 5 States, seeing enough belly button jewelry to last a life time, hiking through about 8 miles of some awesome forest while the wild flowers and bushes were still in bloom, and I would love to do it all over again.
I hope you too get a chance to sign the log of GC70 while we still have it and I hope you too are having a great adventure while doing so.
Next oldest States Geocaching adventure for find #1,600 ? Well if all the ducks get lined up at the right time I will head farther north, in fact waaay North, to the oldest geocache in North Dakota, “The Buck Stops Here” [GC551] placed on 03/25/2001 hopefully before winter hits up there in Bismarck, then up into Canada for a few days of caching/exploring and just driving around the country side. Adding a few new States and even a new country to my Geo-adventures.
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