Extra geo stuff I have. :)

Listing geocaching related items for sale.
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Extra geo stuff I have. :)

Postby BackpacknJack » Fri Aug 28, 2009 4:30 pm

Geocaching things I have bought in bulk and have some left for sale **but only in person, no shipping. **

The prices I found here for comparison are from the Groundspeak’s store and Cacheboxstore.com and if you know of cheaper places to buy them from don’t hesitate to post it. Prices change over time, some things go up in price as they get more popular and some things go down but most of these things I don’t remember what I paid for them per each except the 2006 geocoins. If you think these are too high please don’t buy them but you are sure welcome to speak your mind, if you think they are too cheap please don’t buy more then you can use and wipe them out, others may have a use for them.

Travel bug tags:
$5.99 each plus $1.22 postage. (from Groundspeak)
Total $7.21 each
From me @ a mouse hunt = $5 each
$2.99 each plus $6.06 postage (from cachebox)
Total $9.05
From me @ a mouse hunt = $5 each
ArkGeo’s 2006 Arkansas geocoin:
$9.95 plus $2 postage (back when I could still find them)
Total $11.95 (You may be able to catch them cheaper on eBay from time to time)
From me @ a mouse hunt = $11 each
Cryogenic tubes:
Different sizes, they hold a seal from about 300 above to about 300 below. I bought them in bulk and in different sizes years ago and never stopped to figure the per each cost plus the shipping and don’t know where you would buy just a few so I have no comparison on prices for you on these. :(
From me @ a mouse hunt = $3 each

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