Delta Heritage Trail State Park (kid friendly power trail?)

NON DANGEROUS caches large enough for TB's and Coins and other trade items where kids can be kids.
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Delta Heritage Trail State Park (kid friendly power trail?)

Postby BackpacknJack » Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:40 pm

I have placed 114 geocaches along the Delta Heritage Trail State Park just before you get to Helena. The first 14 miles, from Lexa to Lake View, of this 73 mile long walking and biking trail has been completed. It is completely handicap accessible and there are parking sites along the way so you do not have to do the whole thing at once plus benches. The trail is an old railroad easement that has been covered in fine compacted gravel so you can just wear sneakers and use street tires on your bike. No ruts or mud or water and it is very well maintained so you don’t have to fight your way through briars or poison ivy plus the park does a great job of keeping up with the Fire Ants that have invaded so many other trails in the USA.

As is the case with all delta or farm or forested areas across the country, mosquitoes are a problem but the trail is soo open and wide the snakes can be spotted a very long way off.

Even though this is sooooo open and clean I have only placed a few of the caches off the trail, even then less then 30ft off the trail so ticks and chiggers should be no big problem. About half of them are 1/1 and the biggest hazard are the big Pecans and Muscadines you may find along the trail at the right time of the year, they taste great and that can slow you down big time.

I posted the release of these on our [Child Friendly Geocaches List] forum because of the very kid safe trail and bridges and benches along the trail and I feel you can just let your children be children here and enjoy the walk or the ride.

The visitor center at Barton on hwy 49 even rents kid size bikes for the adventure. Because the trail is so flat, and so clean, and so open, plus I wanted to keep them kid friendly, the hide techniques I could use were very limited but I did try to make some of them interesting.

I hope you and your children get a chance to check out this great trail and I hope you enjoy the Caches and Muscadines and Berries and Pecans and Turtles and Birds and Snakes you may spot on your adventure through the great Delta Area crop lands found here.

Below I’ve made a list of the official parking areas but there are also crossroads in between (denoted by a “G” in the cache names)
Delta Trail SP#1GPT [GC2712K] (Gate, Parking, Trash)
Delta Trail SP#17GVRCT [GC2745Y] (Gate, Visitor center, Parking, Restrooms, Camping, Trash)
Delta Trail SP#29GPT [GC2769Q] (Gate, Parking, Trash)
Delta Trail SP#69GP [GC27A2H] (Gate, Parking)
Delta Trail SP#99GPT [27FQH] (Gate, Parking, Trash)
PS. There are micro caches along this trail but there are also small - medium - and large Lock&Locks /Tupperware plus an Arkansas State Parks challenge cache. (the trail is just sooo open and safe and child friendly I had to mention it here.)

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