A little bit about this site for the new visitors:

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A little bit about this site for the new visitors:

Postby admin » Mon Mar 08, 2010 4:57 pm

TAAG (The Associated Arkansas Geocachers) is an open, public friendly forum for the promotion/encouragement/discussion of the game/sport of geocaching.

Many sites require you to be a registered/logged-in member to view the postings there but not here. We are here to share not hoard.

You will of course need to be a registered member to post here and you will need to be logged in to view any attachments posted here, both are standard website security features to protect the young ones from maybe viewing something before it can be removed.

The site is free, no support is ever asked for nor excepted and you will never be spammed to help support the website either.

The site was fired up about 3 years ago (Jan 24th 2007) and the postings of the $100Mouse Hunt Game (fired up July 23rd 2005) was moved from “ArkGeo” to this website once it was up and running.

The $100Mouse Hunt Game is an exclusive of this site and the hunts are all held within the borders of the State but like the site, anyone can join regardless of where you live and/or geocache or even if you geocache. You are welcome to hunt the mouse even if you are not a registered mouse hunter, I’m sure you will enjoy the chase, you will just have to register an ID to claim the cash prizes and you can find all the details on the first posting to the $100Mouse Hunt forum.

If you geocache we encourage you to come join us. If you don’t geocache we encourage you to at least read some of the posting here and see if you and your family may also enjoy this free, family and earth friendly, outdoor adventure game.

We hope you enjoy both the new look ( 3 installed styles to choose from so far) and the minefield of new security measures built into this PHPBB3.+ version that we used to upgrade the website.

We hope to see you here - and on that ever growing geotrail (1 million + worldwide geocaches so far).
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