Website Upgrade Completed!

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Website Upgrade Completed!

Postby admin » Mon Feb 22, 2010 3:18 pm


I’ve learned it is very helpful to:
1. "Have an Ace in the hole”
2. "Have an Ace up your sleeve”
3. Have someone who can “Ace all the test”
(My good friend and internet bodyguard/guru/serverside techno geeky supporter "TheAce" did most of this work during the night time hours and I thank him most kindly for it.)
All the info from the old website has now been transferred *with no loss* the membership list has been fixed, the favicon (that little icon in front of the URL up top) is working, the cache page banners are now working again and a new chat box has been installed plus it was modified (TheAce again :) to fit each style.
4 different styles have been installed so you can choose a dark background (more of a gamer type of page) W/ light colored text, a light background W/ dark text, or a pink background, or a light on light, etc.
[User Control Panel]
[Board Preferences]
[My Board Style:] (Select from the drop down menu)
Except for some small details of permissions, security setting, etc. all systems are now a go!

*If you have any problems please don't get frustrated, I may have missed a setting or 2 somewhere but there are now many more settings that you yourself control, so just give me a shout and we'll work it out.*
Let's listen to one another. Really listen.
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Re: Website Upgrade Completed!

Postby dentful1 » Tue Feb 23, 2010 7:22 pm

I like it. Sets it apart from the other site.

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