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Site security changes

Postby admin » Tue Jun 24, 2008 10:39 pm

You may have noticed some small changes in the look and function of the site throughout the day today.
It has been a long day but some security changes needed to be added to make the site more secure and some changes have been made to help stop the endless onslaught of spammer sign-ups that take up way too much of my time investigating and deleting and banning.
Hopefully you will see far less adult sounding ID’s and the site will be more secure but there is always a price to pay of course.

You have been able to access the membership list at any time but now you will not even see the link unless you are logged in.

You have been able to post your personal web pages on your profiles page from day one but you will now have to be a member of this site for a set number of days and be required to make a minimum number of postings to the site before that feature is available to you. I hated to do that, some of our members have really nice personal pages but a member clicked on a website of an account before I had investigated and approved or deleted it and the link tried to give them a virus. This change will help.

The registration process has been changed to limit the number of bots that will be able to get through the registration process.

Human spammer sign-ups are much more complicated to control, thus those additional changes were needed.

As always I appreciate your patients as I learn and the site grows.

If you have any problems or questions just give me a shout.
Let's listen to one another. Really listen.

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